From our committed parents, grandparents and carers

You always want to give your kids the best start possible. So when I heard about Twinkle Tots I put my daughter's name down and within a term had a spot. I went along with my eldest daughter who couldn’t even sit when we began, but her smile told me she was loving the sounds and movement in the room she went through many stages of being the youngest then being very quiet and shy to being one of the big girls with lots more responsibilities which she thrived on. After she went off to preschool I took her sister who was again so excited every Monday and went through the same stages growing up in front of the class. It wasn’t until we left then Monday’s became a hassle to get them up and moving and no longer did they get excited at the start of the week that I realised what an amazing time it was not only for them but for me as well. They both love music and I think/Hope started a life long love for the arts.

Amanda attended classes with both daughters until the end of 2018

We were so happy with the Twinkle Tots program. The educators are so lovely and professional, they make the class so fun for the kids and the parents. Our daughter was incredibly shy and quiet when she started and the educators were so kind and patient with her. It is a non-threatening, calm environment that really allowed our daughter to come out of her shell and develop her social skills. That's in addition to the appreciation she gained for songs and listening or playing music. She always really enjoyed the class and we often play activities at home that mimic those she learns in the class. I would highly recommend this class and hope to be able to enrol my youngest daughter soon too.

Eyra attended classes during late 2017 - 2018

Julianne & Laura provide a wonderful opportunity for babies/ toddlers to sing, move and experience a variety of music in a supportive and nurturing class. It’s the highlight of our week.

Alison has attended since 2018

This is the best thing that I could do for my kids...Great Work Kay, Julianne and Laura :)

Deepti attended classes in 2012 and 2017 - 2018

We loved going to Twinkle Tots each week. Our daughter would look forward to the class and practice the songs we did in class all week. It has helped develop her interest in music and she is talking about which instrument she would like to learn. The educators are lovely and are so professional, always making the class fun for the kids. Our daughter started when she was 1 and it has helped her develop interest in music. Being part of a class has helped her social skills  and she has made long-time friends with other class mates. We would highly recommend this class and we will be enrolling our son soon.

Jenny attended classes from 2015 - 2018

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