Fee Policy

1. Costs

Our fees are $20 per class. The duration of a class is between 50 - 60 minutes and runs on a weekly basis.

Term fees are to be paid before your first class to secure your spot. Payment details are provided following enrolment.

Term 1 - 3 run for 9 weeks. Term fee is $180.

Term 4 runs for 8 weeks. Term fee is $160.

Fees will be adjusted for new enrolments partway through the term. 

2. Missed classes

We do not offer refunds for missed classes but you are encouraged to attend one of our other classes during the term to make up for missed classes. Please check with Julianne first to ensure there is a spot available. 

3. New enrolments

We offer a parent handbook and CD of the nursery rhymes we sing in our class. The one-off cost of these class materials is $30 for new enrolments. This will be added to your first class fee payment.

4. Additional child

We offer a 10% discount on class fees for enrolment of a second child where more than one child is enrolled in our class at one time.

If you wish to enrol two children in the same class please consider whether you have another friend or family member willing to come along to assist as our classes rely on parent and adult involvement so it works best when there is one adult per child. 

5. Cancellation

As our class is run by two teachers, cancellation of a class at short notice is rare. In the event that a class is cancelled by the teachers, notice will be given and you will be offered the choice of attending an alternative class or receive an equivalent class credit for the following term. 

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