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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this class for me?

Classes are for children aged newborn to 3 years. Each child must be accompanied by an adult.

The parents, grandparents and carers who attend our classes with their child join for a variety of reasons:

  • they have a love of music that they want to share with their child,

  • they may not have a musical background but want to give their child the opportunity to develop sensitivity, listening skills and a love of music,

  • they are looking for an activity that provides a calm, welcoming and respectful environment for their child,

  • they want to introduce their child to a small group environment to assist the development of social skills with other children and adults,

  • they want to share an enriching and enjoyable one-on-one experience with their child,

  • they want to develop a deeper understanding of early childhood development. 

Where are classes held?

Our classes are generally held in local libraries and community halls. We will confirm the location of your class before you commence.

Class numbers?

Generally there are between 5 and 10 children in a class. Each child is accompanied by one adult.

We keep our classes relatively small in order to ensure all children receive a turn on instruments and feel secure as they get to know others in the class.

What are the class fees?

The cost per 9 week term is $180 ($20 per class) to be paid before the first class commences.

Fees are adjusted accordingly for those who enrol part way through the term.

Class duration?

Our class runs on a weekly basis and will last for between 50 and 60 minutes.

Do you have a question?

You are welcome to email us any questions you have about our classes.

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